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We’re not only at the beginning of a new year, but a new decade. You’ve set all your important goals in place this January and why shouldn’t your hair health be right up there with them?!

It’s not time for a good hair day anymore. It’s time for a good hair YEAR. This is the year your favorite hair brands and the new-to-the-market powerhouses have both stepped up their game for a decade of flawless hair health. Scroll down, find what you need, and never worry again.

Kick off your hair health with a sturdy foundation by picking a flawless
shampoo and conditioner

Tetangle, unclog your pores, and thicken over time.

The new Aveda Invati Advanced Exfoliating Shampoo and Advanced Thickening Conditioner. 

Color safe, reduces breakage and only $34 on This is a shampoo and conditioner system that gives you a good day AND heals and strengthens over time. JUST what we’re talking about.

Buy It Here

Haven’t heard of Jack Black?

Start listening!

Affordable, natural ingredients make this brand perfect the environmentally conscious man. Jack Black Nourishing Hair & Scalp Conditioner is the perfect base to hydrate and nourish, prevent dandruff, AND contains biotin. $22

Read the list of natural ingredients and Buy It Here

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Spray and Go Moisture.

Attention all dry hair people!

This amazing one-step spray and go product from is for ALL people. Spray Nutriplenish Leave-In Conditioner after your shower for a promise of a whopping 72 hours of moisture! Lightweight, protects from thermal styling, $34 and silicone-free.

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Anti-Frizz On a Budget.

Your reliable TRESemme, $6.75 for 6 sheets, and fits IN your wallet. Take TRESEmme Anti-Frizz Smoothing Sheets on-the-go for after shower, after gym, or for a quick style refresher to keep frizz down ANY time. For any person, these convenient sheets should be in your purse or wallet all year long to save the day, any time! 

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Looking for big?

Turn to Big Sexy Hair! Big Sexy Hair goes even bigger this 2020 with the lauch of Big Sexy Hair Funraiser Volumizing Dry Texture Spray. What does it promise? 48 hours of hair memory and humidity resistance! Infused with collagen, absorbs oils, $11.99 and fun
and sexy.

Buy It Here


We’ve chosen a buildable styling product for you.

A natural, paraben-free product, Baxter’s Clay Pomade delivers a texture and hold with ethically sourced ingredients. Matte finish, works for EVERY hair type, and $23. Use a lot for a strong hold and just a little for a soft and natural look. 

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Salon-Grade Tools At Home.

Ladies! Is heat damage your concern? Then, this is the product you should focus on.

Bring home the GHD Platinum+ Professional Performance 1″ Styler for optimal heat distribution that is constantly controlled. Less breakage, more color protection, more shine, $249, and 20-second heat-up time! Enjoy the beveled edges so you can curl, straighten or wave in salon quality. 

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We haven’t forgotten about your facial hair goals.

The ConairMAN Super Stubble Ultimate Flexhead Trimmer remembers your settings to make your 2020 a year of convenience. It has 15 Digital Settings ranging from 0.4mm to 5.0mm, Lithium Ion Powered, and just $89.99. The floating contouring head tracks the shape of your face and electrochemically sharpened blades are perfect for getting that precise, sleek finish!

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A Scalp Treatment For Everyone.

Looking to sustain a healthy scalp this year? Reduce fallout and start the whole decade out strong with these drops.

Soothe your scalp with anti-oxidants. Stimulate with vasodialators. 

Philip Kingsley Tricho 7 Volumizing Scalp Drops helps blood flow, encouraging thick hair health in the long run. Instantly, however, these drops work at the root to create volume for a thicker, voluminous look. $89

Buy It Here

Bonus Product.

This product is for those people or those days who need a little extra hand.

Yes To Tea Tree Gentle & Soothing Pre-Shampoo Scalp Scrub, $7.99, is a product you apply BEFORE your shampoo. If you are prone to build-up, especially you oily haired folks, this product will lighten your hair and give you peace of mind all year long! Soothing and exfoliating, the smell and cleansing of tea tree will make you and your scalp happy. 

Buy It Here

Remember: All hair products are made for specific types of hair. Read labels carefully to see if the product meets your specific needs. For example, are you dry or oily? Are you worried about thinning or have coarse, thick hair prone to build-up?

Invest: Invest in yourself! Invest the time and energy now to research and test a few good products from the above or some that you have heard to be award-winning or tried and true. Your hair health will build the confidence you need and deserve to achieve ALL of your other 2020 goals!

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