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Becoming a Confident Barber and Styling Professional

JT’s Cuts Academy’s Barber program was created to arm you with technical skills, industry knowledge and real client experience to become an elite style professional with confidence and competence.

Our Barber Program is taught by a team of instructors. When you enroll in this program, you not only get a barbering kit with professional grade tools, you also get a backpack and the JT’s Cuts Academy uniform to feel sharp and ready for school.

A combination of lecture hours, practicing on mannequins and then hands on client services is what makes up the Barber Program. You’ll be able to learn theory in the classroom and then practice what you learned on actual clients in our barbershop floor. We’re proud to offer one-on-one coaching to build up your presence behind the chair.

Barber Program:
1200 Clocked Hours

The objective of this program is to prepare students for the State of Florida Barber’s Board Examination and become a Florida Licensed Barber, as well as to provide the necessary knowledge; skills and practice to assist them start a successful career in this field.

The Barber program will provide students with the knowledge and expertise necessary to work in a barbershop salon. This comprehensive program will provide its participants the proper training in all necessary areas.

Required Texts: Milady’s Standard Professional Barbering Textbook and workbook.

Hours: Monday thru Friday: Full Time Students 9am-3:30pm – Part Time Students 9am-2:45pm OR 5pm-10:00pm:

The Restricted Barber Program:
900 Clocked Hours

The objective of this program is to prepare students for the State of Florida Barber’s Restricted Board Examination to become a Florida Licensed Restricted Barber, as well as to provide the necessary knowledge; skills and practice to assist them start a successful career. Learn men, women & kids haircutting & hairstyles!

The Restricted Barber program concentrates its curriculum in men’s haircutting and shaving, beard and mustache trimming. The Restricted Barber curriculum does not include instruction in chemical services. Students interested in learning about chemical services (permanent waiving, coloring and bleaching, hair relaxing and curling) are encouraged to enroll in the Barber Program instead, also offered at our institution.

This comprehensive program provides its participants the proper training in all necessary areas to become a successful barber working at barbershops and beauty salons.

Courses for the Restricted Barber Program will include all listed below except Chemical Services BAR-006.
Hours: Monday thru Friday: Full Time Students 9am-3:30pm – Part Time Students 9am-2:45pm OR 5pm-10:00pm:

Barber Program Course Descriptions

[ BAR-001 Clock Hours: 150 ]
Learn the regulations of the state to work for compensation in a licensed barbershop. In this course, we will review the spread of infectious disease including HIV and AIDS. Students will learn to identify Florida Barber licensing laws, Florida board rules and understand the role of inspectors. This is a preparatory class for passing the state board exams.

[ BAR-002 Total Clock Hours: 325 ] Understanding methods of decontamination, state safety standards, and professional standards of cleanliness in the workplace will be discussed. Students will learn to identify safe and unsafe working conditions, waste disposal, and emergency procedures.

[ BAR-003 Total Clock Hours: 50 ] Students will define the difference between organic and inorganic chemistry. Bodily organs and systems will be reviewed. Students will demonstrate an understanding of body and hair structure and how they function.

[ BAR-004 Total Clock Hours: 200 ] Hair cutting techniques in this course include freehand, shear over comb, clipper over comb, and style cuts including blow drying. Classic and modern techniques of cutting will be explored such as taper cuts, fades, flat tops and standard cuts. Techniques will be practiced on mannequins and paying customers with supervision. All tools are provided for in school and home work.

[ BAR-005 Total Clock Hours: 75 ] The proper techniques of shampoo application and rinsing will be practiced on mannequins and then clients with instructor supervision. Selection of shampoo products based on client’s needs will be learned.

[ BAR-006 Clock Hours: 350 ] Note: This course is offered in the Barber Program only.

Students will learn how to handle and safely apply chemical products under instructor supervision for services that include but are not limited to the following:

  • Hair Relaxing
  • Introduction to Coloring
  • Classifications of Hair Coloring
  • Highlights
  • Perms
  • Permanent Waving
  • Bleaching
  • Hair Curling/straightening

Students will practice the application of chemical services, including but not limited to, permanent waving, coloring or bleaching, hair relaxing and curling on mannequins and customers under the supervision of an instructor. Students will learn all phases of permanent waving and relaxing techniques, including customer consultation on rod sizes and perm selection. Topics also covered in this course include an introduction to coloring, classifications of hair coloring, preparation and application of permanent, semi-permanent rinses and bleaches. Students will also learn cleansing with a suitable shampoo and massaging with hands or electrical appliance, which includes electric steamer, infrared lamp, ultra violet lamp, and thermal lamp.

[ BAR-007 Clock Hours: 50 ]
There are fourteen standard positions and strokes that will be practiced. A multitude of classic and modern shaving techniques will be covered including straight blade shaves. Students will learn techniques such as softening of beard and applications of massage creams and tonics.

Restricted Barber Program Course Descriptions

[ RST-001 Clock Hours: 75 ]
This course presents an overview of barber law, rules and regulations in relation to consumer protection for both health and economic matters. This course also includes 4 hours of HIV/AIDS training in relation to the barber profession. By the end of this course, students will be able to define the limitations of the authority of the Board of Barbering; identify and explain the importance and function of state barber boards; define the rulemaking authority of the Board of Barber; understand the qualifications for licensure; understand the procedures and context of examinations; comprehend the requirements for barber salons and inspections; be aware of the disciplinary proceedings and penalties for violations of Chapter 477, F.S.; understand the complaint procedures for violations of Chapter 477, F.S., or the rules promulgated pursuant thereto; understand the definitions as used in Chapter 477, F.S.; understand the requirements through rules and regulations for license renewal; know the fees and their disposition; explain the origin and transmission of HIV.AIDS; explain the prevention methods of HIV/AIDS required by Florida Statute; procedures for protection against the spread of the disease; and list the guidelines and principles of cleanliness and safety required of a barber and a barbershop.

[ RST-002 Total Clock Hours: 325 ] Through this course students learn about the ways in which infectious materials may be used causing harm in the barbershop; the principal tools and implements used in the practice of barbering; and the importance of anatomy and physiology to the barbering profession. By the end of this course, students are able to define decontamination, list three levels of decontamination used for the prevention and control of pathogen transmittal, identify the chemical decontamination agents most commonly used in barbershop, demonstrate proper decontamination procedures for tools, equipment, and surfaces, discuss Universal Precautions and the responsibilities as a professional barber; identify the parts of shears, clippers, and razors; demonstrate the correct techniques for holding combs, shears, clippers, and razors; as well as demonstrate honing and stropping techniques; describe the structure and reproduction of cells; describe the structure of the skull and its relationship to barbering; as well as identify important muscles of the head, face, and neck that relate to barbering services.

[ RST-003 Total Clock Hours: 350] This course instructs students about the history of barbering, the required professional image, men’s haircutting, styling, and hair replacement. By the end of this course students are able to define the origin of the word Barber, demonstrate an understanding of the evolution of barbering, describe the barber surgeons and their practices, discuss the ways in which life skills, values, and beliefs influence professional image; explain the relationship between personality and attitudes and the demonstration of professional behavior, demonstrate an understanding of effective human relations and communications skills, list the qualities of professional ethics, discuss the basic principles of personal and professional success, and create short-term and long-term goals; define properties of and disorders of the skin as well as properties and disorders of hair and scalp. By the end of this course, students will also be able to: define organic and Inorganic chemistry; define matter and its states; define PH and understand the PH scale; recognize different formulations such as emulsions; as well as suspensions and solutions; identify and define common electrical terms; discuss and recognize electrical modalities and their uses; identify visible and invisible light rays; as well as explain the effects of ultraviolet and infrared rays; describe the structure and divisions of the skin; list the functions of the skin; identify recognizable skin disorders; name and describe the structures of the hair, the three layers of the hair shaft, hair protein, and process of hair; list the characteristics of hair important in hair analysis; identify different types of hair loss; and identify common hair and scalp disorders, students will be able to explain the theory and demonstrate the practice shampooing; scalp & hair analysis, including draping, brushing, scalp manipulation, conditioning and rinsing. explain the art and science of men’s haircutting and styling; the term envisioning and the importance of the client consultation; the principles of facial shapes and profiles; demonstrate the performance of the following cutting techniques: fingers- and shear, shear-over- comb, clipper cutting, clipper-over-comb, and razor cutting; as well as demonstrate shaving the outline areas; explain the reasons why men may purchase hairpieces; identify the types of hair used in hairpiece construction; demonstrate how to measure a client for a hairpiece; fitting, cutting in, and cleaning of hairpieces; as well as alternative hair replacement methods.

[ RST-004 Total Clock Hours: 150] By the end of this course students are able to discuss general sanitation and safety precautions of shaving, beard and mustache trimming; demonstrate the ability to perform standard cutting positions and strokes with a straight razor; identify the 14 shaving areas of the face as well as perform a facial and neck shave.

Click here for the Florida Barber Board CH. 476 DBPR Lawbook

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Helpful Information

Learn more about taking that leap to become a licensed barber in the state of Florida.
You can check the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation for more information on barber licensing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a job after graduation?2022-03-15T12:16:24-04:00

As a part of our program, we train each student for job placement opportunities including interview practice and portfolio presentations.

Do you teach hair styling?2022-03-15T12:18:56-04:00

Yes! As a part of the barbering license, we teach how to style men’s, women’s and children’s hair. Example techniques include blow drying, curling, coloring and much more.

Do you teach shaving techniques?2022-03-15T12:19:08-04:00

Yes! We teach the 14 positions and strokes of beard shaving. We also teach classic and modern techniques including straight blade.

What type of training does each program include?2022-03-15T12:19:24-04:00

The full Barber Program includes but isn’t limited to: cuts, color, highlights, perms, waving, relaxing, facials, resume development, job interview skills, professional ethics, Barbershop business management, beard shaving, and styling for men, women, and children. The Restricted Barber Program includes all of the above except for chemical services (BAR-006). See Program Page for more details.

What is included in my tuition?2023-08-08T15:28:17-04:00

All training and exam hours by skilled instructors at our school, full or part time, a complete barbering and styling tool kit including backpack, mannequin and uniform, and access to our facility to practice hands-on on real clients. We now provide Apple iPads and the CIMA Milady 6th Edition Barbering E-Texbook & E-Workbooks!

What makes you different from other schools in the area?2022-03-15T12:19:59-04:00

We don’t just practice on mannequins and friends. We have live clientele daily that offer real-world training supervised by an experienced instructor. In addition, we offer challenging trivia style learning, unique styles of training and state of the art interactive software.

If I miss a class can I make them up?2022-03-15T12:20:10-04:00

Yes. We offer flexible scheduling, making up the hours is available with prior approval, we understand how busy life can be.

Do you have financial assistance options?2022-10-11T15:57:38-04:00

Yes, to pick the right plan for you please visit: 

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the school to speak with our Financial Aid Administrator. 954-440-0470

What is the cost of the program?2023-08-08T15:31:51-04:00

Barber Program (1200 hrs) includes learning chemical services

Tuition $11,940.00

Book/kit/uniform $1680.00

Registration $100.00 (made in person-non refundable)

Other $330.00

Total program cost $14,050.00 



Restricted Barber Program (900 hrs) does NOT include chemical services

Tuition $9,195.00

Books/kit/uniform $1680.00

Registration $100.00 (made in person non-refundable)

Other $330.00

Total program cost $11,305.00

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