Graduate Spotlight: Ian Thorn

Q & A With Ian

Who are you?
What inspired you to get into the Pro Beauty and/or Barbering world?

My name is Ian. Im 33, from south Florida. I like music, fashion, basketball, and as of a couple years ago cutting hair.

I needed a change. I was tired of working and clocking in for jobs I wasn’t passionate about. I knew I needed to do something that utilizes my taste, attention to detail, and customer service skills.

I had always been in to my own hair and appreciated the art form.

It was the only thing that made sense.

Which class was your most memorable lesson?

Perm rods are the most memorable and they are not happy memories.

What did you do first to jump start your career after graduation?

Well to jump start my career I started working at the front desk of a shop while I was in school. Get a feel for the environment and see the business first hand.

I went to a lot of barber expos and conventions and started networking and learning as much as possible.

 What is your favorite service or skill to do? Favorite products and styling tools?

Every service is different because every client has different hair. I like skin fade in some people and hate them in others.

However, I like when I get to offer hot towels / hot towel shaved because the client always really loves it.

Who is your biggest fan and supporter(s)?

My friends and clients that look better every time I learn something new.

What’s your goal or calling in the industry and where do you see yourself in five years?

I see myself owning a progressive and edgy shop and educating for a brand.

 Who or what has been your most memorable client/moment thus far in your hairstylist journey?

I got to cut one of my best friends hair for his wedding.

He takes his hair very seriously so that was a big deal and I knew I was good when I became his barber. The wedding pictures looked great with the cut.

 Who/ What inspires you and continues to inspire you in your career?

I’m inspired by what I desire or wish I had.

I want to create what’s missing.

Tell us about your community, do you still keep in touch with fellow students? How do you continue learning?

I still keep in touch with several of my fellow students.

I continue learning by watching videos and am planning on attending conventions / education seminars.

What do you do in your free time?

Make music or binge watch Netflix series

What is it like ‘day in the life’ of your career as a stylist?

Trying to shake off all of the clients hair off my shirt.

What would you tell other aspiring students gearing up to join the world of barbering and professional styling?

Start stretching and fix your posture now.

Also, don’t be scared when cutting and give customer service.

I’ve had clients since with me from when I first started and what initially grabbed them definitely wasn’t how clean my fade was.

What is it like to look back to where you first started and seeing where you are now?

It seems like so long ago because I’m so confident now.

I feel like I’ve been cutting for years.

It’s amazing to look back at clients I had when I first started to now and the incredible difference it is.

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