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Class Timings

We know how hard it is to fit school into our busy schedules. Thus, we offer flexible schedules for day and evening classes. Every student has unique needs. Our admissions team is standing by to answer your specific questions.


  • High school diploma or GED
  • Submit a completed application and corresponding fees
  • Successfully complete an interview with a representative of the admissions department. Let us meet you and see if we’re a good fit for your goals
  • Student must be at least 16 years old to be accepted and not currently attending high school. Parental consent is required for students under 18
  • An eager determination for success!
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Being a barber or restricted barber is not just about technical skills, at JT’s Cuts Academy we are proud to inspire each student to their fullest potential.

Job Placement

Our barber programs are designed to prepare you for the real world experience. The tenured staff that are part of JT’s Cuts Academy know what they want in a new licensed barber and will guide you through real-world interview process, how to source qualified job openings, and present yourself professionally.

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Full Barber Program

Barber Program (1200 hrs) includes learning chemical services

Tuition $11,940.00

Book/kit/uniform $1680.00

Registration $100.00 (made in person-non refundable)

Other $330.00

Total program cost $14,050.00 

Restricted Barber Program

Restricted Barber Program (900 hrs) does NOT include chemical services

Tuition $9,195.00

Books/kit/uniform $1680.00

Registration $100.00 (made in person non-refundable)

Other $330.00

Total program cost $11,305.00

We offer a comprehensive cost comparison if you have any questions about how we price our program compared to other schools in your area. Contact us now and we will be happy to explain our breakdown.

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Becoming a Confident Barber and Styling Professional

View Our Course Descriptions
View Our Course Descriptions

Hear From Our Graduates…

“My journey began with JT’s Cuts Academy when I decided I wanted a career change in 2018. My mother was a barber and I have family members in the beauty industry so for me being a barber was destined. When I initially enrolled at JT’s Cuts Academy they were welcoming, polite and professional. It seemed as if we knew each other for years. The teachers are very knowledgeable and the staff made sure that all of the students had what we needed to be successful not only for class and book work, but we were prepared to be great at being barber stylists. JT’s was not only a school for me but it was more like a family. I am proud and honored to say that I graduated February 2019 from the Academy. I left confident and positive about my bright future as a barber stylist.

Thank you JT’s Cuts Academy for everything!”

Rodney O’Neal, Graduate

“12 months ago, I was working a dead end. I didn’t have much of a vision, no plans or any real life goals. One day, I walked into JT’s Cuts Academy and had questions about an ad I saw that read, “Become a Barber in 10 months.” I walked in a bit skeptical, again not having a vision, but wanting answers. I was soon greeted by Ms. Gloria, who was there to assist me with all my concerns. I left that day feeling positive, motivated and for the first time with a vision! Long story short, here I am 12 months later a certified Barber Stylist with my own chair in a Barbershop tackling my plans and checking off my goals one day at a time.

Thank you JT’s Cuts Academy for teaching me everything I know and giving me back my vision! I’m a Barber for Life!”

David Molina, Graduate

“It all started with a Haircut before New Years eve at the Jt cuts barber shop while I was getting a hair cut I saw this sign inside the shop (Jt cuts Academy) and I asked Jt some questions about the School and he explained everything ,I went home and I told my wife about it and than she said we’ll go for it and I was like there is now way I can do the school with 2 jobs. So the next day we went just to see the schedule what was like and then boom !!!!there is me signing up for the school. The year went fast very quick wasn’t easy but I made it with the jobs school and 2 kids..but I really wanna thank Ms. Gloria, Mr. JT, Ms. Michelle for the guidance.

JT Cuts Academy is a great school that they treat you like a Family each of one of us!!!!!”

Dritan Brahollari, Graduate
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