Graduate Spotlight: Justina Piscazzi

Q & A With Justina Piscazzi

Who are you? Tell us a little about yourself and your elevator pitch!

Justina Piscazzi I’m 30 years old born and raised in South Florida.

What inspired you to get into the Pro Beauty and/or Barbering world?

My family owns Southland barbershop in Fort Lauderdale. The coronavirus pandemic pushed me into the barbering world. It finally gave me the time and resources to go to school and join my mother and brother at our shop.

Which class was your most memorable lesson?

My most memorable experience was not just limited to one experience. The love surrounding and vibrating through that school is what I’ll remember most.

What did you do first to jump start your career after graduation?

Just consistently being at the shop and cutting really help me jump start my career.

What is your favorite service or skill to do? Favorite products and styling tools?

My favorite service to provide is a haircut involving fading because I feel like each fade is a new challenge. My favorite tool to use is my purple babyliss trimmers. Girly but efficient!

Who is your biggest fan and supporter(s)?

The school staff and my fellow classmates I attended JT’s Cuts Academy with have been such a huge support system for me throughout my whole journey! My family will continue to be my number one support system.

What’s your goal or calling in the industry and where do you see yourself in five years?

My goal is to constantly work towards building our shop to new heights and possibly opening up another location within the next five years.

Who or what has been your most memorable client/moment thus far in your hairstylist journey?

My most memorable clients are the ones with a story. Clients who come in and share their life stories. You’d be surprised by how similar a stranger can be to you.

Who/ What inspires you and continues to inspire you in your career?

My daughter inspires me everyday to do better and work harder. She is my motivation.

Tell us about your community, do you still keep in touch with fellow students? How do you continue learning?

I continue to keep in touch with many staff and students from JT’s Cuts Academy. We are constantly supporting each other even from afar. From time to time we will partake in off campus classes together and educational programs that we make a fun outing.

What do you do in your free time?

In my free time I like to relax by watching movies and spending quality time with my friends and Family.

What is it like ‘day in the life’ of your career as a stylist?

A day in my life consists of opening up the shop. Preparing for the day by making sure we are stocked with supplies and the shop is presentable. Then I am behind the chair cutting and making my clients happy.

What would you tell other aspiring students gearing up to join the world of barbering and professional styling?

Don’t give up. At first it’s hard and confusing and challenging but it gets easier, it becomes natural. The hard moments are what will define you in the long run. Keep going. Ask questions. Be teachable!

What is it like to look back to where you first started and seeing where you are now?

Honestly hard to believe. I went into JT’s Cuts Academy not knowing anything about barbering or hair styling and I am now a full time barber/ barbershop owner only 5 months after graduating. So many times I wanted to give up and now I finally feel like a professional. From only knowing how to part hair now I can braid and fade 🙂

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