Graduate Spotlight: Alexis Rodriguez

Q & A With Lex

What inspired you to get into the Pro Beauty and/or Barbering world?

When I was a kid I use to hang out at the barbershop for a few hours after my haircuts the barbers were well known in the neighborhood so it became like family, the vibes were great so I stuck around today, as a licensed barber I’m one of them now

Which class was your most memorable lesson?

Definitely has to be when we made our projects, I’m a very hands on person so that was pretty cool to do. ( actually won first place on that)

What did you do first to jump start your career after graduation?

Well, I actually jump started my career right when I started school I went all in for barbering and established myself in a barbershop within 3 months of enrollment but thru COVID times it got rough for me financially, due to that shops location it was slow with walk-in traffic so I had to improvise and move to a high flow barbershop and that’s where I find myself today doing better then ever at JT’s Cuts Barbershop on commercial.

Who is your biggest fan and supporter(s)?

My biggest fan would definitely have to be my significant other, without her I wouldn’t have even started barber school and pursued this career my biggest support would have to be my lil cousin, that boy let me mess up his hair a few times in the learning process that’s why today he receives free super clean cuts from me

What’s your goal or calling in the industry and where do you see yourself in five years?

My goal definitely is to open at least 2 barbershops in the future definitely at least one in the next 5 years

Who/ What inspires you and continues to inspire you in your career?

My kids for sure, my childhood was tough as a kid, I wanted a haircut and had no money or transportation at the time to get my haircuts. My boys don’t ever have to worry about that as long as I’m a barber.

Tell us about your community, do you still keep in touch with fellow students? How do you continue learning?

I do still keep in contact with a a good amount of classmates both morning and night class students I actually work alongside with a few of them

What is it like ‘day in the life’ of your career as a stylist?

I couldn’t even tell you that as a barber everyday is different never the same, so many different clients with different stories and conversations come thru the door everyday. But as far as just being in the barbershop its great you can listen to music all day and hangout with your coworkers who over time become like brothers

What would you tell other aspiring students gearing up to join the world of barbering and professional styling?

Don’t give up, times can get rough especially when you first start in the real world of barbering as far as when u start to build your clientele but don’t give up cause you will make it happen

What is it like to look back to where you first started and seeing where you are now?

I look back at images from when i first started and I was always decent at what I do but now I’m beyond that everyone has hiccups no one perfect but I love my crafts and if you have that same drive believe me you only gunna get better

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