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Need to Apply for Financial Aid?

Students who are interested in applying for Federal Title IV aid programs should begin by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.  You can fill out the form and we’ll send you all of the details. If you would like assistance with completing the FAFSA or have any questions please contact the financial aid office. Our school code is 043036

Financial Aid Checklist


Gathering the Documents Needed to Apply

The FAFSA asks for information about you (your name, date of birth, address, etc.) and about your financial situation. Depending on your circumstances (for instance, when you filed taxes or what tax form you used), you will need the following information or documents as you fill out the FAFSA:

  1. Your Social Security number
  2. Your parents’ Social Security numbers if you are a dependent student
  3. Your driver’s license number if you have one
  4. Your Immigration Registration Number if you are not a U.S. citizen
  5. Federal tax information or tax return transcripts including IRS W-2 information, for you (and your spouse, if you are married), and for your parents, if you are a dependent student.
  6. Records of your untaxed income, such as child support received, interest income, and veterans non-education benefits, for you, and your parents, if you are a dependent student
  7. Information on cash; savings and checking account balances; investments, including stocks and bonds and real estate but not including the home in which you live; and business and farm assets for you, and for your parents if you are a dependent student

To be considered for federal financial aid programs, a student must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Demonstrate financial need. Financial need is the difference between the Estimated Cost of Attendance and the Expected Family Contribution (EFC). The calculated amount the student and family can be expected to provide based on the information provided on the FAFSA;
  2. Be working towards a degree or certificate in an eligible program
  3. Have earned a High School Diploma or Equivalent
  4. Be enrolled in at least a half-time basis;
  5. Maintain satisfactory academic progress;
  6. Be a U.S. citizen or eligible noncitizen;
  7. Not owe a refund on a Federal Pell Grant or be in default on a Federal Perkins Loan (formerly NDLS), Federal Stafford Loan (formerly GSL), Federal PLUS Loan or Federal Supplemental Loan for Independent Students (SLS);
  8. Have a valid social security number;
  9. Be registered with the Selective Service, if applicable;
  10. Have not been convicted of an illegal drug offense while receiving Title IV funds.
  11. Provide all documents required by either the Financial Aid Office and/or the Department of Education;

Your Repayment Obligation


Once the FAFSA is processed by the federal government, you should receive a Student Aid Report (SAR). Students who intend to utilize federal financial aid programs to assist with their education expenses at JT’s Cuts Academy must complete all financial arrangements before registering for classes.

Students must reapply each academic year for federal financial aid programs. We recommend that Renewal FAFSAs be submitted no later than April 15th to ensure all deadlines have been met.

Financial Aid Policy

The Financial Aid Office at JT’s Cuts Academy attempts to meet your financial needs with a combination of all aid funds for which you are eligible, providing you with the right financial aid package for you. It is our policy at JT’s Cuts Academy to award student financial aid based on established criteria by the federal government. We have established these procedures to ensure compliance.

A review of the following information is made before awarding federal financial aid. Most of this review is conducted internally. Discrepancies are resolved by the Financial Aid Office.

  1. Citizenship status or permanent resident status
  2. High school diploma or equivalent
  3. Admitted into a Title IV eligible diploma or certificate program
  4. Satisfactory Academic Progress
  5. Not in default or in repayment on any Title IV financial aid program
  6. Transfer monitoring status update
  7. Selective Service Registration status (if applicable)
  8. Aggregate loan award amounts
  9. Determine the appropriate student budget to be used: Residency (living off-campus or with parents)
  10. Establish financial need as determined according to the packaging formula.
  11. Verification Review (where applicable).

Students that have not submitted all requested information (where applicable) will be sent a “Request for Verification Information Letter” advising him/her that the financial aid process will be delayed and/or canceled until all requested information has been received.

Once the FAFSA is processed by the federal government, you should receive a Student Aid Report (SAR). Students who intend to utilize federal financial aid programs to assist with their education expenses at JT’s Cuts Academy must complete all financial arrangements before registering for classes. Additional forms and documents might be required by the JT’s Cuts Academy Financial Services Department. Students must reapply each academic year for federal financial aid programs. We recommend that Renewal FAFSAs be submitted no later than April 15th to ensure all deadlines have been met.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a job after graduation?2022-03-15T12:16:24-04:00

As a part of our program, we train each student for job placement opportunities including interview practice and portfolio presentations.

Do you teach hair styling?2022-03-15T12:18:56-04:00

Yes! As a part of the barbering license, we teach how to style men’s, women’s and children’s hair. Example techniques include blow drying, curling, coloring and much more.

Do you teach shaving techniques?2022-03-15T12:19:08-04:00

Yes! We teach the 14 positions and strokes of beard shaving. We also teach classic and modern techniques including straight blade.

What type of training does each program include?2022-03-15T12:19:24-04:00

The full Barber Program includes but isn’t limited to: cuts, color, highlights, perms, waving, relaxing, facials, resume development, job interview skills, professional ethics, Barbershop business management, beard shaving, and styling for men, women, and children. The Restricted Barber Program includes all of the above except for chemical services (BAR-006). See Program Page for more details.

What is included in my tuition?2023-08-08T15:28:17-04:00

All training and exam hours by skilled instructors at our school, full or part time, a complete barbering and styling tool kit including backpack, mannequin and uniform, and access to our facility to practice hands-on on real clients. We now provide Apple iPads and the CIMA Milady 6th Edition Barbering E-Texbook & E-Workbooks!

What makes you different from other schools in the area?2022-03-15T12:19:59-04:00

We don’t just practice on mannequins and friends. We have live clientele daily that offer real-world training supervised by an experienced instructor. In addition, we offer challenging trivia style learning, unique styles of training and state of the art interactive software.

If I miss a class can I make them up?2022-03-15T12:20:10-04:00

Yes. We offer flexible scheduling, making up the hours is available with prior approval, we understand how busy life can be.

Do you have financial assistance options?2022-10-11T15:57:38-04:00

Yes, to pick the right plan for you please visit: 

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the school to speak with our Financial Aid Administrator. 954-440-0470

What is the cost of the program?2023-08-08T15:31:51-04:00

Barber Program (1200 hrs) includes learning chemical services

Tuition $11,940.00

Book/kit/uniform $1680.00

Registration $100.00 (made in person-non refundable)

Other $330.00

Total program cost $14,050.00 



Restricted Barber Program (900 hrs) does NOT include chemical services

Tuition $9,195.00

Books/kit/uniform $1680.00

Registration $100.00 (made in person non-refundable)

Other $330.00

Total program cost $11,305.00

Hear From Our Graduates…

“My journey began with JT’s Cuts Academy when I decided I wanted a career change in 2018. My mother was a barber and I have family members in the beauty industry so for me being a barber was destined. When I initially enrolled at JT’s Cuts Academy they were welcoming, polite and professional. It seemed as if we knew each other for years. The teachers are very knowledgeable and the staff made sure that all of the students had what we needed to be successful not only for class and book work, but we were prepared to be great at being barber stylists. JT’s was not only a school for me but it was more like a family. I am proud and honored to say that I graduated February 2019 from the Academy. I left confident and positive about my bright future as a barber stylist.

Thank you JT’s Cuts Academy for everything!”

Rodney O’Neal, Graduate

“12 months ago, I was working a dead end. I didn’t have much of a vision, no plans or any real life goals. One day, I walked into JT’s Cuts Academy and had questions about an ad I saw that read, “Become a Barber in 10 months.” I walked in a bit skeptical, again not having a vision, but wanting answers. I was soon greeted by Ms. Gloria, who was there to assist me with all my concerns. I left that day feeling positive, motivated and for the first time with a vision! Long story short, here I am 12 months later a certified Barber Stylist with my own chair in a Barbershop tackling my plans and checking off my goals one day at a time.

Thank you JT’s Cuts Academy for teaching me everything I know and giving me back my vision! I’m a Barber for Life!”

David Molina, Graduate

“It all started with a Haircut before New Years eve at the Jt cuts barber shop while I was getting a hair cut I saw this sign inside the shop (Jt cuts Academy) and I asked Jt some questions about the School and he explained everything ,I went home and I told my wife about it and than she said we’ll go for it and I was like there is now way I can do the school with 2 jobs. So the next day we went just to see the schedule what was like and then boom !!!!there is me signing up for the school. The year went fast very quick wasn’t easy but I made it with the jobs school and 2 kids..but I really wanna thank Ms. Gloria, Mr. JT, Ms. Michelle for the guidance.

JT Cuts Academy is a great school that they treat you like a Family each of one of us!!!!!”

Dritan Brahollari, Graduate
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