Graduate Spotlight: Sandra Alvarez

Q & A With Sandra

Who are you? Tell us a little about yourself and your elevator pitch!

My name is Sandra, licensed Esthetician since 2006 and Barber licensed since June  2021.

What inspired you to get into the Pro Beauty and/or Barbering world?

Skincare was something that I enjoyed very much since I was a kid, so I decided to learn how to treat acne, waxing, and skincare in general. Now, I decided to learn male grooming because the demand that men are having on looking good.

Which class was your most memorable lesson?

 Shaving was one of my favorite classes.

What did you do first to jump start your career after graduation?

Specialized in Manscaping and waxing services for men.

What is your favorite service or skill to do? Favorite products and styling tools?

Bikini waxing and European wax and shaving products.

Who is your biggest fan and supporter(s)?

My clients support me very much in everything I want to learn and add to my business.

What’s your goal or calling in the industry and where do you see yourself in five years?

I want to specialize in European haircuts and shaving. In 5 years I want to be the most popular Barber Esthetician in Fort Lauderdale.

Who or what has been your most memorable client/moment thus far in your hairstylist journey?

When my daughter came to my Barber school and she decided that one day she wants to be a Barber as well.

Who/ What inspires you and continues to inspire you in your career?

My daughter is my biggest inspiration.

Tell us about your community, do you still keep in touch with fellow students? How do you continue learning?

I try to follow my classmates in social media and I follow well known Barbers and take their classes.

What do you do in your free time?

I cook and spend time with my daughter.

What is it like ‘day in the life’ of your career as a stylist?

Taking care of my clients, learning and training classes.

What would you tell other aspiring students gearing up to join the world of barbering and professional styling?

This industry give you the opportunity to have your own business, have a great income, and have a balance life and work living.

What is it like to look back to where you first started and seeing where you are now?

It’s very exciting to see the growth process and how much we can keep learning.

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