Graduate Spotlight: Johnny Garrett

Q & A With Johnny Garrett

Who are you? Tell us a little about yourself and your elevator pitch!

My name is Johnny Garrett my close friends know me by Marc my ethnic background is black and Filipino and I come from the Bay Area (San Francisco California) just a young entrepreneur who wants to set an establishment for my future family and to inspire the future generations.

What inspired you to get into the Pro Beauty and/or Barbering world?

 I used to give my close friends and family haircuts and just found it interesting how hair grows and flows different ways I also enjoy grooming people and helping them look their best.

Which class was your most memorable lesson?

My most memorable lesson was being told “own the haircut don’t let the haircut own you”

What did you do first to jump start your career after graduation?

I be prepared for the state exam and once I passed, I was ready to get going in the barbershop. I know a lot of shops don’t mind you working as long as you’re working towards getting your license but I like to do things the right way.

What is your favorite service or skill to do? Favorite products and styling tools?

My favorite services to do are definitely high top fades, and hair coloring. I came into school loving oster products like the fast feeds and the 76s. Now I love using the wahl cordless both magic clip and seniors. My go to trimmers are the babyliss FXs

Who is your biggest fan and supporter(s)?

My biggest supporters are my mother, close childhood friends, and everybody I shared a good experience with at the academy. There’s way too many to thank.

What’s your goal or calling in the industry and where do you see yourself in five years?

My goal is to be one of the best/ fastest barbers in this industry and not to only give back to the community, but to also influence a lot of people to never give up no matter what they’re are trying to achieve in life.

Who or what has been your most memorable client/moment thus far in your hairstylist journey?

Every client that gives me a hard time in my chair. Not memorable but I learn a lot from them and it keeps me humble

Who/ What inspires you and continues to inspire you in your career?

What inspires me is looking at all the amazing haircuts and hairstyles then seeing how far those stylists have come and that they were also once “the new guy”

Tell us about your community, do you still keep in touch with fellow students? How do you continue learning?

I try to keep in touch with a lot of my peers it can get tough when you know your life is moving fast in a good way.  The way I continue Learning is to stay positive and patient. I know nothing is achieved overnight.

What do you do in your free time?

I like to relax at the beach and if I’m nit there, I’m playing basketball, football, or just watching haircut videos.

What is it like ‘day in the life’ of your career as a stylist?

Very slow I cut a few people daily but most of the time I’m sweeping and shadowing other barbers in the shop

What would you tell other aspiring students gearing up to join the world of barbering and professional styling?

DO NOT GIVE UP !!! Make all of your mistakes right now while you’re in school and learn from them.  Soak in as much information as possible given from professionals themselves and implement them. There’s no right or wrong way as long as the end result turns out good/ great. Never think you’ve mastered it all once you get the foundation of knowing how to fade because there’s so much more to learn and add to your skills. Put your ego off to the side and take criticism constructively.

What is it like to look back to where you first started and seeing where you are now?

It’s a relief knowing I’m making big progressions. Trusting the process and believing in yourself is the key to being successful.

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