Covid-era jobs in demand: Barbers and stylists

The pandemic has certainly shown us how important barbers, hair stylists and colorists are! With people panic buying grooming products and dyes, the shelves are looking like the toilet-paper aisle. So what does this say about the job security of a barber and stylist? And is it the right time to become a beauty professional?

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Here’s a few things to ask yourself:

What’s in Demand? 

How is what you are offering going to fit into the customer’s lifestyle? In the Covid-era economy, is your service convenient and in demand? We all saw some horrible social posts of people trying to cut their own hair and do their own DIY beauty services, proving consumers are in a great need for barbers and stylists.

Can the Business Adapt?


Across all industries, companies have had to adapt in these times. Changing store and restaurant layouts, wearing extra shields, masks, gloves. Following all social distancing and CDC sanitation guidelines. As a barber and stylist you are already trained in sanitation laws, and you have a leg up!


Are you Flexible and Mobile?

Mobile services such as dog grooming have seen a huge peak during these times, proving being flexible and mobile are key to succeeding in these times. As a barber and stylist you can travel with a suitcase full of your power tools! Consider setting up a station outside or having only one person in a dedicated space that you can fully sanitize in between clients.  

Can you reach your customers?

With traditional in-person marketing events cancelled, utilizing social media and digital marketing strategies is your go to. Have a stellar marketing plan! 

Hosting virtual events or tutorials is just one way to be seen. Engage with your community and see what they need: providing tips and tricks is a great way to become a resource not just a service provider. Be transparent with your communication, letting people know the steps you are taking to ensure their safety and beauty. That you are listening, not just selling.  


In conclusion:

Covid has changed the career landscape and where job security can be found, but we see that the beauty industry is in desperate need of qualified professionals on the go. Providing a service that is in demand and convenient for your customers is what we see as recession proof!

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