Barbershop Babes

In this decade, #GirlPower is going strong!

Women have infiltrated just about every male-dominated profession out there and, by the way,  they’re rocking it! It’s not just typically male dominated industries like law enforcement or the military. Women are bringing it and bringing it well to all industries, from the boardroom to the barber shop.

New Decade, New Approach

We love the spotlight women and other minorities have been rightfully given lately, and the freshness that can bring to an industry. Women can bring a completely different approach in a barbershop. Women have definitely opened the door for other women who wish to keep a close cut. This also rings true for men who keep a close buzz along with long hair on the top, or a style that requires more knowledge about lengthy hair.

Women often start in the salon industry and then move into the barbering industry. This brings a whole new approach to a barbershop. Starting with the little things like small talk that the salon industry is known for. Hey, men like to chat too. Who better to trust than the one with sharp objects next to your noggin. This goes all the way to the actual cut approach and execution.

Barbershop Benefits

To top it all off, barbering can bring a much more flexible schedule. As an employee salon there are set hours for you to be in the shop and available or scheduled. Renting a chair in a salon or in a barbershop brings flexibility.

With more and more people working for themselves, it makes sense for many women to move into barbering and make that happen for them and their family.

Learn Barbering for Yourself

If this barbershop industry sounds like a good place for you, you’re in the right place.

JT Cut’s Academy has been a South Florida staple in the industry for 3.5 years with 62 successful graduates. Our exclusive barber program could be the right fit for you and your goals. We are training the next generation of barbers in the future of barbering, and you can be part of that!
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