6 Hair Health Tips for Men & Women

We come in all shapes and sizes and thicknesses 😉 and so does our hair! Our skin and hair are very unique from one another. Whether you have thin blonde hair or thick black curls, your hair is still UNIQUE from everyone else who has the same ‘type’. There is only one of you. One thing we all have in common, though, is wanting HEALTHY hair.

So, there are universal tips that EVERY hair type can rely on! Here are 6 tried and true ways to retain the hair health you desire. 

#1 Diet 

This number 1 rule is diet for a reason. It has the BIGGEST impact on your hair health from the beginning of time. Ever wonder why ‘back in the day’ (like in the 80’s), people had such thick luscious hair? Probably because they were eating better! There is just too much fake food available in our time. Think about what you put in your body. Is it natural or processed? Processed foods will not have the nutrition your body needs. Then, your body won’t have what it needs to produce healthy hair cells. 

It all starts at the root. Strengthen your roots by paying attention to your body. Is your diet balanced in vitamins and minerals? Check what’s in your water, too. Make sure it doesn’t have chemicals. Eat foods high in proteins and natural fats. Our skin and hair are results of proper absorption from our digestive systems. Pay close attention! 

Note: You can ask your dermatologist about vitamin supplements that can help your hair health

#2 Washing

How often should I wash my hair?? 

Well, observe whether you have dry or oily hair. 

First of all, the goal is NOT to dry your scalp out. Your scalp, like your skin, needs to stay moist to be healthy. So, retain moisture! Don’t wash your hair so often that it feels dry all the time and you have to add 2 or 3 products back in to make it moist again. Let your natural oils build up before washing again. 

Take a look at the shampoo you use. Most people buy the trendy brands on the shelf. But, those are usually the ones that are too harsh for our scalps. Try a mild shampoo. We don’t need to strip our hair of everything it’s got every time we wash. 

#3 Condition

Speaking of moisture! Like we said, every time you wash your hair, you’re taking away moisture. Use a conditioner often if not every time you wash to put some of the moisture back in. Moisture makes hair smooth and shiny, preventing knots that put strain on your roots. 

Use a leave-in conditioner almost as often as you use your regular conditioner. There are also tons of cream options to apply in-between washes for especially dry hair. Make sure to read reviews on the products you buy to make sure they’re not harsh. Tip: always aim for natural ingredients. Avoid sulfates. Many popular conditioners add unnecessary chemicals that can weaken your scalp. 

#4 Natural remedies

Hair packs are what we call natural protein treatments for hair. Your hair needs proteins and fats to really THRIVE. Your shampoo and conditioner may not be enough. Use a hair pack a couple times a month or even once a week to get your hair health back up. You will find MANY options out there to make your own homemade hair packs. Check out these 10 effective recipes and find the one that works for you and your hair type.

#5 Hair Color

Color treatments are a finicky business. We’re not saying don’t color your hair. Just check how often and what kind of product you are using. Hair colors are usually ammonia based. Ammonia and bleach will strip your hair of moisture and you will have to take extra precaution on putting that moisture back. We do not recommend box dyes. We recommend going to a professional salon stylist who will take care not to leave harsh chemicals in your scalp and use deep moisturizers to replenish your hair health immediately. If you are coloring at home, try natural dyes. They’re out there. Ask your salon professional how often is TOO often when it comes to coloring YOUR type of hair.

#6 Protect 

There are many things we expose our hair to. The weather, for example. Rain water is harsh on hair. Exposure to dust and pollution in the air requires more frequent washing which we want to avoid. And the usual culprit, heat. Heat can be from your dryer, curling or straightening iron. It can also, believe it or not, come from too much sun exposure! Again, you want to treat your hair like you do your skin. You wouldn’t lay on the beach for long periods of time without skin protection. Treat your hair the same. If you enjoy being in the sun, invest in a UV protecting spray.

If you know you’re going to be running errands in and out of the sun or walk in the park today, wrap your hair in a scarf or put on a hat. It seems simple, but often we forget. The sun, as well as your dryer, will zap moisture out of your hair. It will slowly become brittle.


These tips are really preventative measures to be aware of. Keep them in mind every day and you won’t have to worry AFTER your hair is damaged. Stay ahead of the game.

Remember to moisturize! Feed your hair AND your belly good food and ENJOY your beautiful, UNIQUE healthy hair.

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