5 Quick Hairstyles in the Morning

Style 1: Put a Twist In It

Twists or rolls are hot and trendy right now. They work for short and long hair, thick or thin. Start at wherever you part your hair. It doesn’t have to be in the middle. Grab about an inch of hair and start rolling down the side of your forehead. The rolls should wind backwards, facing the back of your head. Pick up hair as you roll so you get a french braid effect.

Keep one roll on one side of the head or do both sides. Stop the roll at your ear for a boho look and just tie each side together at the back of your head. Keep rolling past your ears to keep hair out of your face all day. Roll tightly for that professional look. You can make a bun with the rest of your hair or a ponytail.

You can tie your ends together or, especially if you’re doing only one, use cute pins and clips to show off your style some more. Criss-cross bobby pins for a vintage feel. Be creative.

Style 2: The New Ponytail

We tend to forget that a ponytail can have endless possibilities. Throw in a pony once or twice a week. If your outfit is over the top that day, pick a simple pony. If your outfit is simple, think of a big curly or fluffy ponytail to add a little drama.

Rihanna started a ponytail trend with this slick, over the forehead, side part. So dramatic and sleek!

Gabrielle shows off her natural hair with this beautiful and simple curly pony. Tie some extra bands to stand out.

A high ponytail can make a statement. You can twist a braid or strand of hair around the base after you tie your hair tie. Then, braid the rest of the pony in one thick braid.

A ponytail is not a lazy day style just because it’s easy to do. See how many different ways you can change it up. Side ponytails are in again, too.

Style 3: Go Bun Crazy

You can’t go wrong with a bun. It’s not gonna be your grandmother’s bun either. Buns can go with any style, any day, for any occasion. Instead of talking about the basic buns that everyone knows about. Let’s talk about a few trending bun styles you can play around with.

Braid UP to your bun(s) starting from the back of your neck. This is a cool new thing. If you can’t french braid, try a twist! This works great with one bun, too.

Do a dramatic side part and try placing your low bun on one side, under your ear. This draws attention to your big pretty earrings. It’s also great for a professional setting. With the front of your hair, you can lay it flat or add a little twist or braid.

The best for last, this is the latest easy hairstyle trend when it comes to buns. The half up half down is making waves, especially for curly girls. Whether 1 bun or 2, get some height and volume with this fun and chic style.

Style 4: Put a Pin In It!

People have been finding new and innovative ways to play with the bobby pin. This trick works really well with short and super short hair. Pins are a fun way to add visuals to your hair. If not functional, then to accessorize!

If you have short straight or short curly hair, you’re already having fun. What’s more fun is adding a couple pins to the short side of your side part. It adds a big flair to the other side like this adorable curly haired girl.

Pins add a whole new layer of accessories to your hair. Put them in your problem areas. Purchase different colors and shapes. Try criss-crossing them or putting them in a row at the back or side of your head.

Style 5: The Tied and True

A braid might seem like a long, daunting task but, we recommend you spend a little time getting to know a few braids. Learning them now will take the time out of your daily routine later.

They don’t have to be consistent. Just clean. Being able to put one braid on the side of your own head will open up doors you never knew you could walk through.

Experiment with putting a thin braid in the middle of your head from front to back. French or no french. This is a trend especially amongst instagrammers.

Of course, you can have your hair braided entirely to last the next week or two or three. But, if you’re in a bind and need to put a quick hairstyle together,

here’s several inspirations for braids:

Pro tip: Applying Heat

If you don’t have time for a blow out or to straighten your hair every day, just do the front. It’s not good for your hair to apply heat every day either. So, once or twice a week, between your weekly shampoos, get some volume in the front by blow drying or running a hot iron through your bangs. Then, for the rest of the week, you’ll have a decent foundation to style the rest of your hair in braids, twists, buns, ponytails, pins and other accessories.

I hope we inspired you because, ultimately, you can do it! Take a day to practice and try different variations every morning of the week. It’s just like meal prep. Prepare so it doesn’t take long on the day of. People will wonder, “Where does she get the time?” while you look like you spent half the morning styling it up in your bathroom. Soon enough, it’ll feel smooth and routine to pick a quick style and look like a million bucks every day!

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