How do I get a job after graduation?


As a part of our program, we train each student for job placement opportunities including interview practice and portfolio presentations.

How do I get a job after graduation?2022-03-15T12:16:24-04:00

Do you teach hair styling?


Yes! As a part of the barbering license, we teach how to style men’s, women’s and children's hair. Example techniques include blow drying, curling, coloring and much more.

Do you teach hair styling?2022-03-15T12:18:56-04:00

Do you teach shaving techniques?


Yes! We teach the 14 positions and strokes of beard shaving. We also teach classic and modern techniques including straight blade.

Do you teach shaving techniques?2022-03-15T12:19:08-04:00

What type of training does each program include?


The full Barber Program includes but isn’t limited to: cuts, color, highlights, perms, waving, relaxing, facials, resume development, job interview skills, professional ethics, Barbershop business management, beard shaving, and styling for men, women, and children. The Restricted Barber Program includes all of the above except for chemical services (BAR-006). See Program Page for more details.

What type of training does each program include?2022-03-15T12:19:24-04:00

What is included in my tuition?


All training and exam hours by skilled instructors at our school, full or part time, a complete barbering and styling tool kit including backpack, mannequin and uniform, and access to our facility to practice hands-on on real clients. We now provide Apple iPads and the CIMA Milady 6th Edition Barbering E-Texbook & E-Workbooks!

What is included in my tuition?2023-08-08T15:28:17-04:00

What makes you different from other schools in the area?


We don’t just practice on mannequins and friends. We have live clientele daily that offer real-world training supervised by an experienced instructor. In addition, we offer challenging trivia style learning, unique styles of training and state of the art interactive software.

What makes you different from other schools in the area?2022-03-15T12:19:59-04:00

If I miss a class can I make them up?


Yes. We offer flexible scheduling, making up the hours is available with prior approval, we understand how busy life can be.

If I miss a class can I make them up?2022-03-15T12:20:10-04:00

Do you have financial assistance options?


Yes, to pick the right plan for you please visit:  If you have any questions or concerns please contact the school to speak with our Financial Aid Administrator. 954-440-0470

Do you have financial assistance options?2022-10-11T15:57:38-04:00

What is the cost of the program?


Barber Program (1200 hrs) includes learning chemical services Tuition $11,940.00 Book/kit/uniform $1680.00 Registration $100.00 (made in person-non refundable) Other $330.00 Total program cost $14,050.00      Restricted Barber Program (900 hrs) does NOT include chemical services Tuition $9,195.00 Books/kit/uniform $1680.00 Registration $100.00 (made in person non-refundable) Other $330.00 Total program cost $11,305.00

What is the cost of the program?2023-08-08T15:31:51-04:00
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